mercoledì 16 settembre 2009


On 12 September I was honoured to take part in the opening of the new nursery school in Xanthi.
Evagelia an Periklis decided to give the name "LIBRARYMOUSE", the Vaghelis Iliopoulos character, to their new library.
And I was there!

I painted the LIBRARYMOUSE on the wall of the library!

Vaghelis Iliopoulos and me

Periklis, Vaghelis, Siros and the mascottes!

Evagelia and me.

2 commenti:

Margherita Allegri ha detto...

Fantastico...davvero belli i lavori!
Mi preoccupa solo la tua espressione con i topi giganti...

marina ha detto...

Ma che bei topini!!Tu e Vaghelis ovviamente...:)